Friday, February 26, 2010

"The Artistic Mother" Group forming! Come join us.

So, awhile back, I stumbled upon this great blog belong to Shona Cole (who happens to live just a little north of cool is that?) and was just mesmerized with her ability to be so creative...while homeschooling her many kiddos.  I noticed she mentioned that she had written a book entitled "The Artistic Mother" that was coming out soon... of course, I rushed to and pre-ordered it.  How exciting when it showed up on my front porch a week or so ago.

I happily plunged into it, reading a page here and a page there (as my schedule would permit... we had a couple of doctor appointments, which made for long spans of time for reading).  Then, two nights ago, I read on the Taffie homeschool list a post about a group forming for Artistic Mom's, using Shona's book as a guide.

It was the inspiration I needed.  I headed on over to Artistic Creations with Trudy and signed up!  You can join us too, but you will need a copy of the book (link is available on the left of my blog here).

Thanks so much, Trudy, for starting this group.  Maybe some accountability will get me motivated.  You other Artsy Mama's... join in the fun!

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