Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Saturday night

and life is rushing by. I realize that I have not posted on either of my blogs in over 18 months. That is sad, but then again, maybe not. As the mother of four active, homeschooling boys, I find my time filled with many various things every day, and the time for blogging seems to fade into the distant parts of my mind. Yet, I somehow find time for other things, so I guess it is just a matter of prioritization.

Last Christmas, my wonderful husband converted half of our garage into a studio for me. I have to share it with the laundry, but it is SO much better than the previous space (which I have blogged about somewhere in my archives!). I will take some pics and post soon (yes, sooner than 18 months from now).

Juggling my life is a challenge; I am trying more and more to make time for my Art, to express myself. I find that I am a much happier, much more satisfied person when I do.